The 32 Best Weekender and Overnight Bags

In case you needed another reason to be pumped about your trip.

weekend bags
(Image credit: Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images)

A weekender bag is a rite of passage. We're talking, of course, about a carryall that's bigger than a tote but smaller than a suitcase, one just roomy enough for two outfits, a couple pairs of shoes, and your entire beauty regimen. One day in your adult life, you wake up and realize that jamming weekend essentials into the gift-with-purchase tote you take to the grocery store is not the look, and neither is dragging one of your trusty luggage sets out of storage just for a few days.  

Enter the weekender bag, which in most cases is affordable and deeply convenient. Another thing? A weekender bag happens to be a pandemic-proof purchase. Because while gallivanting to a private island to feel normal might be for Kardashians only, short treks to nearby locations are more COVID-safe. And they're the perfect opportunity to take your new overnight bag for a spin.

When selecting the array of weekenders below, we considered style, convenience, roominess, and strap durability (most have both a shoulder version and a handle).  If you're sporty and drawn to skiing, hiking or camping, one with a waterproof finish might be for you. But if you're more or an urbanite, and drawn to a place with lots of trendy brunch spots, breweries, and baguettes, leather might be just the ticket. As you peruse our selects, know that all of these got great reviews, are relatively durable, and look absolutely great in photos, both on and off your shoulder.

Hannah Morrill is a writer and editor based in Portland, Maine. She’s an avid reader, an indifferent face-washer and a sunscreen/retinol evangelist.